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Latest Updates
15th, 2016
Mark Of Death now has an official
page on this website to coincide
with it's release mid 2017. You can
find out more info on this film on
the feature films page, so check it

Also the sales page of the store has
been revamped to include a
convenient Buy Now button on
each product, for those who wish to
purchase direct from the website as
opposed to Amazon.com.
22nd, 2016
Evil Deeds: Full Circle is now
available on DVD and you can
purchase it either
Or from Amazon.com here
Either way we are happy to have
this final product out there for you
the viewing public to enjoy.  

Watch for more updates as
production on Then the Night
Comes and Mark of Death
6th, 2017
Mark of Death is now complete and
is on schedule for it's October 21st
release date.  We will be including
links to both the sale page to
purchase it from our site and
Amazon.com on that date, so keep
an eye out for that.
21st, 2017
Mark Of Death is now available on
DVD on our site.  You can either
buy it from the main intro page, the
store, or from the films movie page
under films... or just follow the link

We'll have the links to the film on
Amazon,com as soon as they are
10th, 2017
Mark of Death is now available on
Amazon.com through the film's
page and the store page.  You can
also just get it here at this
Sorry for the long wait on this, the
film had some unforeseen issues
going up on Amazon for some

Evil Deeds is almost complete and
is still on schedule for a DVD
release on December 30th, 2017.
3rd, 2018
Then the Night Comes will be
getting a theatrical screening as a
double feature with The Exorcist on
October 9th.  And will be officially
released on Blu-Ray and DVD on
October 29th, 2018.

Indestructible: Afterlife will be
released on Blu-Ray and DVD on
November 25th, 2018.

Dark Night Films also now has it's
own streaming channel on Roku,
you can connect to it
29th, 2018
With Halloween right around the
corner, what better time to order
Dark Night Films latest release the
long awaited Then the Night
Comes, which you can now buy on
both Blu-Ray and DVD on
Amazon.com at this

Look for the pre-order links for the
DVD release of Indestructible:
Afterlife to be posted on this page
soon as well.
25th, 2018
Indestructible: Afterlife is now
available on both DVD and Blu-ray.
This is a big release for Dark Night
Films as this is our best looking
film to date and the production
quality will maintain this in all future
DVD and Blu-ray releases. You
buy the film on both Blu-ray and
DVD on Amazon.com at this
20th, 2018
Just in time for Christmas, both
The Chameleon Killer sequel
Silent Vengeance and the Evil on
Queen Street sequel Mark of Death
are now available on Blu-ray.

You can purchase Silent
Vengeance at this

And you can purchase Mark of
Death at this

We are super excited to have these
two films join our new Blu-ray