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(Horror) 20??

Original Story Idea by Matt Spease
Screenplay written by John Vasiliou.

Cast: TBA

Basic Plot: The follow up to our first offical vampire film Queen Of
The Dead, with a bit of a twist. A group of college friends on a cross
country trip break down in the evil town in the middle of nowhere.
The charming owner of this town seems to have a strange history
with the one of the girls with the group and her boyfriend doesn't
trust him at all. And when it turns out the town is actually full of
vampires, one by one the friends fall victim until only a few remain
to battle to the last.
(Horror) 20??

Screenplay written by Michael D'Amico.

Cast: TBA

Basic Plot: In the tradition of The Lost Boys, the film follows a group
of vampires as they stalk the young people of a beachside
community in this story masterminded by writer Michael D'Amico.
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