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Death returns, after the events that occured in
the film The Chameleon Killer, more
mysterious murders begin again in Acid Falls.
Sheriff Garris is beginning to doubt his own
sanity, as the murders begin to mirror that of
the murders done by the Chameleon Killer. Is
this a copycat, or is the Chameleon truly back
for Vengeance.  As this mystery is revealed,
the truth is much more frightening then
anything imaginable.
Original Story Idea by
Matt Spease

Screenplay written by
John Vasiliou

Based on characters created by
Matt Spease

Music Composed by
Matt Spease & Steele

Original Chameleon Killer Themes
Composed by
Dan 138

Special Effects by
Matt Spease & Chelsea Harris

Special Visual Effects
Philip Grimsley

Associate Producer
Brian Ramme

Director Of Photography
Chris Randall

Executive Producer
Charlie Spease

Produced and Directed by
Matt Spease