Reviewer: Carlos Moss
The original short film called Evil On Queen Street (which
can be viewed online at was a very interesting
take on a slasher film. Yet amazingly the 2002 feature film
version had little to do with the original (with the exception
of the professor being possessed, the gas station, and
the Rick and Jack scene).  So, this new remake of the
short promised to be a faithful adaptation... but does it live
up to the expectations, read on to find out.
Region 1, NTSC
Fullscreen |  4x3: Yes
The Story

The film opens with an opening crawl and narration, then
shows two miners finding a crystal and then being
mysteriously blown up in an explosion. Then we are
introduced to Professor Max Burton (Isaak Partlow) as he
and his assistant find the same crystal as well as an exotic
dagger. Max tries to scan the crystal to figure out what it is
and it causes the computer to explode into his face. The
Demon (Phil Giourousis) was trapped in the crystal and is
released by the explosion and possesses Max. Then we
are introduced to one of our main characters, ex-thief
Nick Wilson
(Matt Spease) as he reunites with Alexia
(Lynda Huyck) after being released from prison.

Nick isn't sure how Alexia feels about him, but he is
attracted to her and even pays a visit to her best friend,
Carruthers (Bailee Arnett) to find out if Alexia feels
the same way. He finds out news that makes him optimistic
about a real relationship with Alexia, but all this is brought
down by The Demon who at this same time has begun to
go on a bloody rampage.  Alexia holds a secret from Nick,
which he doesn't figure out when he find a cabinet filled
with guns. Instead of questioning it, he simply takes one of
the guns for self defense  after hearing a radio broadcast
about the murders.
The Demon crashes into Christine and Jannette (Joan
Spease and Roxanne Long)'s house and attacks them
viciously, Nick happens to be around the area and hears
screams.  He tries to rush to find out what is going on only
to find bodies in The Demon's wake. A short fight ensues,
but The Demon escapes.  Nick is then taken in by
Detective Anderson (Rodney Duncan) for interrogation.  
After telling Alexia what happened, she goes to get his
gun, and encounters The Demon in a close call. Nick is
released from the police station due to a lack of evidence
against him.

Alexia calls Rose for help, but Rose is murdered by The
Demon as Alexia listens helplessly on the phone. When
Nick finds out what happened to Alexia and Rose, he is
rather upset and decides it's time to tell her how he feels,
soon after they make love. After sex, Nick is shocked to
find out that Alexia has gone after The Demon alone.
Trying to rush to Alexia's rescue, Nick ultimately fails.  
After Alexia's funeral, Nick decides to go out after The
Demon himself.  But after being attacked and nearly
murdered himself, he reluctantly asks to help in Detective
Damien Cruz (Steve Austin) and Anderson's investigation
of the murders.

This new film is a much more faithful to the original short
film and fills in many of the blanks and adds a lot of the
scenes that were in the short that were missing in the
2002 version. The Demon is truly scary in this film and the
violence is extreme.  Not going into the specifics of who
was on the receiving end, we get two character's blown
up, two brutal snapped necks, a stab in the throat, a knife
in the face, a character gets their brain ripped out of the
back of their head, a character is slashed across the face
and then gutted, someone is stabbed a number of times
with a screwdriver and decapitated, a character is killed
Freddy style as The Demon rakes his knife alone a wall
before stabbing, someone is shot in the head, a character
is stabbed in the eye and has the eyeball ripped out of
the socket, and a hand is jammed through someone's
chest!  The special effects work is awesomely done on all
these scenes and the camera is hardly ever static. The
entire film is kinetic all the way through the film for the
most part and never really slows up at any point for long.
Much better then the slow moving 2002 version starring
Violet Flame.  The performances are all quite good as
Matt Spease, Steve Austin, Phil Giourousis, Rodney
Duncan, Isaak Partlow, and Bailee Arnett really shine in
each of their particular roles.  Phil's version of The Demon
is brutal and perfect as he has a great voice which is used
to effectively all through the film. Anytime The Demon
talks, it makes you pay attention. So... yes, this film does
live up to the expectations and is the best film from Dark
Night Films to date.
Image Quality

The picture quality is almost perfect, thanks to the fact
that film itself is featured on its own disc. There is very
little that I can say bad about the quality except that a
couple of scenes involving Damien against a tree outside
on the phone twice is a little fuzzy around his face.
Otherwise all the scenes that are reused from 2002 look
identical in actual quality to the new footage, which is
pretty much all you could ask for with such a film.

The sound is spotless, all dialog is easily heard and the sound effects editing is excellently done.
Many of the music choices (such as using a cover of Powerman 5000's Free by Darkside during Nick's
first scene in the film, a cover of Metallica's Fade To Black by Steele as Nick leaves the hospital, and
another cover of Metallica with Wherever I May Roam by Starr as Rick sits in his broken down car).
Overall, an amazing job on the sound
Supplemental Material

The supplements on the second disc are pretty cool
especially including the
original 2002 Evil On Queen
Street movie,
as you can really see how much has been
improved on the new film by watching this. T
Terrorzone Lord Of Wrath music video
is pretty neat, but
it really has little to do with the film. The video should
have centered around Phil as The Demon. The
the 2002 version are a bit too long but they are cool
as you see how much fun they had on the film. T
he 2007
bloopers are shorter and even more funny, it's fun
watching Phil mess up on some of the scenes he was
awesome in in the final film.

The alternate scenes aren't as good as the scenes used
in the actual film and the mask was really bad in these
scenes as well. I'm really glad they changed the mask.
The alternate love scene is too long and drawn out and
doesn't have a good of a payoff as the one in the final
film. In this version Nick stops Alexia before they actually
make love, I prefer the one used in the final film were they
actually go all the way (as it gives Nick one last pleasure
to remember Alexia by before she dies). Also the alternate
ending wasn't as good either (Alexia should stay dead)
and The Demon wasn't as good in these scenes as Phil in
the final film. I liked having Damien in the finale better
then Anderson as well.  So, these scenes are fun to look
at, but they just make you enjoy the new movie that much
Final Thoughts

This final edition of Evil On Queen Street is everything that 2002 version should have been and is a great feature
length version of the original short film. The editing is kinetic, the gore is superb, the sound is brilliant, and the acting
is very good with a absolutely awesome performance by Phil Giourousis as The Demon
.  I would recommend this film
simply for the great gore and The Demon, but there is so much more to it then that. So, just see it... you won't regret it!


Movie – A+
Image Quality – A
Sound -
Supplements –

Technical Info.

* Running Time - 1 hour and 37 minutes
* Color
* Not Rated
* 2 Discs
* Chapter stops
* English 5.1 Dolby


* Bonus Feature Film: Evil On Queen Street (2002)
* Exclusive Music Video: Terrorzone - Lord Of Wrath
* Evil On Queen Street (2002) Bloopers
* Evil On Queen Street (2007) Bloopers
* Alternate First Fight (original mask) (2007)
* Alternate Love Scene (2007)
* Alternate Gas Station Fight (original mask) (2007)
* Alternate Finale (original mask and Anderson/Alexia) (2007)

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