Region 1, NTSC
Widescreen 1.85:1 | 16x9: Yes
Before this film came out and I heard about it, I had no idea how this new
independent director was going to pull it off. Especially when it's hard to
live up to the original films that killer is mimicing in the film. So did it
live up the expectations, read on and find out
The Story

The film starts with a creepy opening credits, then there is a scene that could
only be discribed as one half Scream and the other half Psycho. As the first
victim is frightened by a phone call similar to Scream and then is killed in the
show like in Psycho. Sheriff Garris shows up at the crime scene and has got to
be coolest most calm sheriff ever seen in a small town.

The rest of the film, the mysterious killer stalks various victims as Garris and his
deputies try extremely hard to keep up with all the murders. The Mayor doesn't
have much faith in them though and brings in a geeky police profiler to help.
However this killer is a total bad ass and is way too much for this so called
profiler to handle.
Reviewer: Thomas Brady

This is one super cool slasher flick. The plot and characters are introduced in
a way that is smart and makes you care for most of them. This makes the film
all the more intense when one of these characters is slaughtered. The blood
and gore is kinda realistic, which is really odd in a slasher film nowadays. The
identity of the killer was a complete surprise and I loved the performances of
Robin Lawrence and Shania.

I also liked Matt Spease's character Mitch, even though he tries hard to make
the guy a total ass. And pro wrestler Violet Flame was very good at going from
the nice sister one minute to the total bitch sister the next, it made you really
think that they were two different actresses.
Image Quality

For a small independent film project, the picture quality was excellent.  Night
shots aren't as good as the day shots, but they never are with these kinds of
projects. The only scene that contains inconsistant video is the opening
murder, but it is bearable and doesn't hurt the viewing of the film at all.
Final Thoughts

Kudos to everyone involved in the film on a job well done. BTW The opening title shot was kick ass, can't wait for
more of the films!
Supplemental Material

The second disc containing the supplements is a real treat, three featurettes
are included. Of these the one entitled Creating A Chameleon is the best, it
includes interviews from all the major actors in the film and even shows
footage from the wrap party. From Sketch To Screen shows some cool looks
at the creation of the killer's main mask of the film.

Audio is brilliant, from the music from Darkside and Dan 138 to the dialogue. All of it is perfectly mixed and sounds
great. My favorite uses of strong audio in the film was the subtle playing of Darkside covering Hell Bent For Leather
before the 'Leatherface' murder and Symphony Of Destruction during the meeting of Mitch and Trish.

Behind The Masks is a solo interview with director Matt Spease, he does
end up repeating some of the stuff already mentioned in the first
featurette, but he always keeps your attention. The blooper reel is very
funny and I love this addition to the DVDs. The trailers included an
original release trailer from 2003, a totally new trailer, and a teaser for
the sequel, Silent Vengeance. The workprint version, although a neat
watch, has terrible picture quality. I'll stick with the final cut.

Movie – A+
Image Quality – B+
Sound - A+
Supplements – A+

Technical Info.

 * Running Time - 1 hour and 34 minutes
 * Color
 * Not Rated
 * 2 Discs
 * Chapter stops
 * English 5.1 Dolby


 * Bonus Feature Film: COPYCAT
 * Creating A Chameleon: Behind The Scenes Featurette
 * From Sketch To Screen: Designing The Chameleon Killer Featurette
 * Behind The Masks: Inside The Mind Of A Psycho Slasher Fan Featurette
 * Blooper Reel
 * Trailers (Chameleon Killer, The Chameleon Killer, and Silent Vengeance)
Other Pictures