Region 1, NTSC
Widescreen 1.85:1 | 16x9: Yes
Before this film came out and I heard about it, I had no idea how this new
independent director was going to pull it off. Especially when it's hard to
live up to the original films that killer is mimicing in the film. So did it
live up the expectations, read on and find out
The Story

The film opens with the introduction to a girl named Janet Crane (Shania),
she answers the phone and is tormented by a creepy guy on the other line.
Soon it's revealed that it's just her boyfriend and he was just playing a
joke on her. She continues on to take a shower and is viciously murdered by
a killer in a dress with a creepy skull like mask with an old woman's hair.

Then we are introduced to the main characters of the film, including Sheriff
Garris (Brian Ramme), Theresa Mallory (Amber Simmons), Ellie Richards, and
Patricia Richards (both played by Violet Flame). Garris and his deputies are
seemingly always one step behind the killer, so the Mayor (Charlie Spease)
assigns a police profiler named Mitch Phillips (Matt Spease) to help them out.
Reviewer: Michael Ashford

Before long most of the cast is wiped out and it's up the remaining cast left
to stop the faceless killer once and for all. This is a great horror film.
For an indy film, it looks great. Plenty of blood and gore, some great tits
and ass scenes, and there is great action in the film. It really never seemed
to go slow or drag at all. Matt Spease (the director) does a great job of
paying homage to all these legendary slashers.

My favorite scene was the interrogation of this one character named Reed, Matt
(as an actor) is every bit as good as he is a director, his handling of Reed in
that scene was priceless. I also loved Violet Flame as Trish, she really is a
hot ass woman and she played the tough goth great.  The character of Coffy
was also a great addition to the film, I loved the shot were you could see the
reflection of the killer in her shades.
Image Quality

The video had some small quirks, but it's nothing that major and none of it
really hurt the film at all. The night scenes are the only scenes that really
suffer at all in the film, but even they look quite good. Especially when you
consider what kind of cameras the films was shot on (which is Hi-8).
Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a must have DVD for any slasher fan (like myself).  It may not be perfect in the video department, but
it is a knockout in all other aspects.  I can't wait for the sequel!!
Supplemental Material

The extras on the DVD are enormous, I loved the
featurettes. They told all about the making of the film, from
the concept, to casting, to the music, it's a great making of.
Almost all of the cast of the film make appearances in the
featurette and it was great to see what they are like in real

This is were this DVD really stands out. The audio is excellent overall throughout the film. There is never any points
were you have to turn the audio up to hear the dialogue, but it is not too loud either. This is the major strong point of
this film.

The bloopers are hilarious, the trailers are awesome. The workprint
version is very interesting to watch, but just isn't as good as the final cut.

Movie – A
Image Quality – B
Sound - A+
Supplements – A+

Technical Info.

* Running Time - 1 hour and 34 minutes
* Color
* Not Rated
* 2 Discs
* Chapter stops
* English 5.1 Dolby


* Bonus Feature Film: COPYCAT
* Creating A Chameleon: Behind The Scenes Featurette
* From Sketch To Screen: Designing The Chameleon Killer Featurette
* Behind The Masks: Inside The Mind Of A Psycho Slasher Fan Featurette
* Blooper Reel
* Trailers (Chameleon Killer, The Chameleon Killer, and Silent Vengeance)
Other Pictures